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Land of the Hornbills

Mystical Sarawak is the largest state in Malaysia. It occupies the southwestern ridge of Borneo and is blessed with an abundance of natural wonders. Its lush tropical ancient forests are spread with massive natural formations where the world’s largest cave chambers sits at The Gunung Mulu National Park as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. With her numerous protected National Parks, endemic flora and fauna and the vast number of wonderful hornbills found here, Sarawak is affectionally known as ‘The Land of the Hornbills’. Its capital Kuching (cat in Malay) is a bustling city set on the snake-like Sarawak River, is known as one of the prettiest spots in the region.

With a plethora of intriguing ethnic cultures, nature, food, festivals and rich history woven with the legacy of the Rajah Brooke dynasty, Sarawak is a fascinating destination waiting to be discovered.


Highly recommended and fascinating attractions to visit and experience in Sarawak are the Gunung Mulu National Park (World’s largest cave and UNESCO World Heritage Site), Niah National Park Miri, Bako National Park Kuching, Semenggoh Nature Reserve, Gunung Gading & Lambir National Parks, Kuching Waterfront, Sarawak Museum, Cat Museum, Sarawak Cultural Village, Borneo Highlands Resort, Annah Rais Longhouse & Iban Longhouse Tours (traditional dwellings of the local natives), Talang Satang Marine National Park, Diving in Miri, Ba’Kelalan, Sibu Market & Medan Niaga Satok.

Experience unique Homestays with different ethnic traditional groups in homestay programmes or take the relaxing River Cruises to appreciate Kuching’s old-world charm and learn about its history.

Food & Dining

Sarawak Laksa, Mee Kolo, Manok Pansoh, Bubur Pedas, Ikan Terubok Masin, Sarawak Layer Cake, Bird’s Nest Soup are all tasty and wonderfully exotic. Sarawak’s traditional delights will definitely attract those with adventurous taste buds. Seafood around coastal areas like Damai and Santubong are a popular draw with visitors. Aside from the local food, visitors can enjoy Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Western cuisine that’s conveniently found in Kuching and major hotels around the state.

Sarawak is also a leading producer of pepper and pineapples. In the cool climate of Kelabit Highlands, the natives cultivate a special rice called Bario Rice that is harvested by hand using age-old traditional methods. Crunchy apples that are farmed in the cold highlands of Ba’kelalan are popular as is its popular high quality swiftlet’s nests.


Sarawak is well-connected within Malaysia as well as internationally. The Kuching International Airport is the main gateway to Sarawak and is connected to Kuala Lumpur International Airport KLIA with daily flights. Despite the vast size of the state, getting around Sarawak is fairly convenient. There are a number of airports and airstrips in Sarawak, situated in Miri, Bintulu and Sibu that connects you via domestic flights.

Getting around Kuching is simple with easy availability of buses and taxis. Overland transfers via the Trans Borneo Highway which connects Sarawak to Sabah and Brunei Darussalam is possible but visitors are encouraged to get adequate information and advise from the Tourist Information Centres on the details of travel.

Explore Other States

Known as the Land Below the Wind, Sabah lies at the northeast of Borneo. This eastern most state of Malaysia is best known for its lush tropical rainforests, magnificent islands and aquatic splendour, majestic mountain and colourful ethnic cultures.

This state has a population of nearly 3.1 million that is made up of 32 ethnic communities. The capital city of Kota Kinabalu, formerly known as Jesselton, has seen much development in its reconstruction since World War II where only a total of three buildings still stands since the end of the war. Home to the tallest peak in South East Asia in Mount Kinabalu to the world renowned Sipadan Island, Sabah is truly a gem of a destination for anyone with the spirit to explore. It is a must visit for peace and nature lovers, as it is for anyone looking for rugged outdoor adventures and activities. A memorable and mesmerising experience awaits you in The Land Below the Wind!