Cookies Policies

This Cookies Policy describes what cookies are and how use them. Users should read this policy to understand what type of cookies use, or the information collected using cookies and how use that information.

Cookies do not typically contain any personally identifiable information about a user, but personal information that stores about a user may be connected to the information obtained from cookies. For further information on how use, store and protect personal data, see our Privacy Policy. does not store sensitive personal information, such as account passwords, mailing addresses, etc. in the cookies.

Any reference to “Users” in this Cookie Policy includes (1) any person who accesses the website (the “Website”) and (2) persons on whose behalf you make a purchase of the Services.

Type of Cookies We Use

A cookie can be categorised in terms of its (i) function, (ii) the party who places it and (iii) duration - “Persistent” or “Session Cookies”.

(i) Session and Persistent Cookies

• Session Cookies

Any reference to “Users” in this Cookie Policy includes (1) any person who accesses the website (the “Website”) and (2) persons on whose behalf you make a purchase of the Services.

• Persistent Cookies

These Cookies allow Website to remember choices Users make while using the Website. such as Users’ login details or preferred language. The purpose of these Cookies is to provide more personal experience to Users and to minimise re-entry of Users’ preferences every time they use the Website.

(ii) First-party cookies and Third-party cookies control and regulate the scope of first-party cookies but, not third-party cookies operated by third-party sites in a different domain. Certain pages of this Website contain third-party cookies in the form of JavaScript and API or other embedded content.

(iii) Functions

The cookies we use can be categorised in terms of function as follows:-

• Strictly necessary cookies

These cookies are essential to the proper functioning and managing of the Website and they enable Users to navigate around the Website. These cookies help prevent and detect fraud while providing an improved user experience. With these cookies, Users only need to log-in the Website once to access different pages We will not be able to offer our services without these cookies.

• Analytics cookies

Analytics cookies such as Google Analytics are used to gather anonymous statistical data such as on usage of the Website, location and demographic of visitors, whether our new products are well-received by the market, and popularity of our marketing campaign and to customise the Website. These analytics tools will generate trend analysis and compile reports based on the anonymous data collected.

• Advertising cookies

These cookies ensure that the ad content is relevant to Users’ interests and allow the Website to control the number of times the same ad is displayed to the same Users. Using an identifier linked to Users’ IP address, these cookies can track their activity across the Website and display ads based on their preference.

Your Consent

Unless the cookies are strictly necessary to provide Users with a service or essential to the proper functioning of the Website, will require Users' consent to use cookies on this Website.

To avoid the use of cookies on the Website, Users must first disable the use of Cookies in their browser and then erase the cookies saved in their browser related to the Website and this will prevent the use of cookies at any time.

If Users choose to disable our cookies, certain features of the Website may not function properly and Users may experience some difficulty in accessing the Website. If Users elect to delete the cookies or request their web browser to delete or block the cookies, please visit the help pages of the web browser.

Contact Us

If Users have any questions about this Cookies Policy, they can contact us at:

Last Updated: 17th August 2020