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Kuala Lumpur
Hub of the Golden Triangle

By far the most populous city in the country, Kuala Lumpur is the capital city of Malaysia. Being one of the most popular destinations to visit in Asia, the city has a population of 3.4 million people. This metropolis is home to probably one of the biggest melting pots of races and cultures in the world and comes with plenty of attractions.

The words Kuala Lumpur literally means ‘Muddy Confluence’ in the Malay language. This nickname came about when KL first started as a tin mining settlement in 1857 near where the two main Klang and Gombak rivers intersect in the middle of the city.

With a year-round tropical climate, there is lots of warm sunshine and an abundance of rainfall. The average temperatures hover around 31° - 34°C.

KL is a must visit with a huge variety of points of interests for visitors to choose from, ranging from local and traditional attractions to the modern and contemporary. The city features historical mosques, churches and temples that reflect the diversity of its peoples and beliefs to spectacular futuristic modern architecture and skyscrapers within its ‘Golden Triangle’. Venture the local markets and sample the endless variety of cuisines and street food. Savor its sights and attractions while soaking in the fun and friendly Malaysian experience!


Major highlights include the Petronas Twin Towers. This world’s tallest twin towers is regarded as a centrepiece and houses the KL Convention Centre, Suria KLCC Shopping Centre, hotels, Aquaria KLCC and the beautiful KLCC Park. Other popular attractions are Chinatown (Petaling Street), The Merdeka Square, House of Parliament, KL Tower, Istana Negara (Royal Palace) and the National Monument. Batu Caves and the numerous places of worship.

Food & Dining

Kuala Lumpur really is the epitome of a melting pot of cultures as there is something for everyone. From Malay, Chinese, Indian, Continental, Fusion, Mediterranean, Thai, Japanese European, Fusion and anything else you can think of, find it all in the streets of KL.

Nicknamed “The food capital of the region” Kuala Lumpur is filled with great dining options. From fine-dining restaurants to shopping malls to street stalls and trendy, themed coffee shops and cafes, you are assured of a mouth watering experience at every corner.

To experience the true taste of Malaysia, visit some of the renowned open-aired food courts also known as “Hawker Centers”. Here you will find a wide array of options that are freshly prepared upon order. For those late night meals or snacks, just visit 24 hour “mamaks” to enjoy local indian delicacies and snacks with prices that’s incomparable to any other. With so much to offer, just come with an empty tummy because rest assured you’re in for a food adventure here in Kuala Lumpur!


Getting around this modern city is also very easy with multiple forms of public transportation and available services. Taxis and Ride-Hailing services are the most convenient whilst other options include using the monorail, trains and bus services.

Explore Other States

Selangor is regarded as the most developed state in Malaysia and is also known as the ‘Gateway to Malaysia’. This is because many of the main entry points into Malaysia are situated within the state.

Located on the west coast of Peninsula Malaysia, Selangor occupies some 125,000 sq. kilometers and is adorned with a variety of landscapes. Visitors can enjoy the contrast of its modern concrete jungle and man-made attractions to its many natural wonders. Explore the the many coastal mangroves, lush tropical rainforests to the charming and quaint fishing villages that dot the coastline. The country’s multi cultural heritage is richly celebrated during respective local festivals and one can also enjoy the great variety of food and shopping.

Places of interest are easily accessible in Selangor as the available options of public transportation makes it easy to move around from place-to-place.